Here Helen

Here Helen Then left to the bed.

I followed it with a guitar and suggested to tell together mother: Hi!

Mathew touched strings, and I greeted Helen then the boy began to jump on a bed.

Helen sang the answer and stretched to the son.

Mathew staid without turning a hair, continuing to jump a back to us, enthusiastically squealing.

Here Helen on the initiative sang his name.

In its voice the grief was heard.

Helen again stretched to force the boy to face us, but he was developed quicker, than mother concerned him.

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It is ours

It is ours And it there will be no educational method of Maria any more.

Poeto mu expectation of those wonderful results in development re is vain benka which are described in works of the author of a method.

It is ours answer to a question which can be heard sometimes: Why method not always brings the expected results?

So, is conducting in this pedagogical method spirits ny aspect.

Opened spiritual potential of the adult will help to create fine conditions for absorbing to time ma the child to reveal cognitive interests and to open a vna friction child's potential.

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The child

The child Keith the second: to learn in advance Just as the baby safely to rise on legs and to go, owes these legs both handles, and a body, and reflexes, etc.

in advance to develop and strengthen, and the growingup child has to gain in advance the mass of useful skills which will ensure further its safety.

The child has to be prepared for what in life he should face.

Of course, you will not provide everything.

But there are general principles and the general regularities of growth and development, and also typical situations to which easily can get and, alas, our children get.

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Eat cottage

Eat cottage Please, my dear!

enough mother smiled.

Why it is necessary to eat Irina Gurina Once upon a time there was a girl Nastenka.

She very much did not like to eat.

Look, what tasty squash, the grandmother spoke to it.

Eat though a spoon.

You only try it will obyazaktelno be pleasant to you.

But Nastenka only strong squeezed lips and wound the goklovy.

Eat cottage cheese, the grandfather finished Nastenka.

It very tasty and useful.

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If they are able

If they are able's spouses to test approach which will allow them to concentrate on care of own relationship: in effect, it was talked of rising rather shoulder to shoulder, than face to face.

If they are able expediently to use a uniform method of targeting disciplines but if they do not manage to act thus then everyone should apply the preferred method.

With any of children has to to deal that parent which the first will record this or that problem, and any of them should not listen alone to the daughter's cockandbull stories about what bad and her angry adoptive parent.

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